The topic "buy bunker, build" should also be capitalized in Germany.
Our team of engineers has spent countless hours creating a sanctuary for you that will withstand the challenges of protecting a family in the most extreme conditions. With a simple design, above-average quality, and robust materials, we believe that our bunker and shelter systems offer the best value for money from all available subterranean sanctuaries. For the protection and safety of your family, we offer our underground hideaways / bunkers in 8 standard sizes, which can be tailored to your individual needs through a range of customization options. For those who want something extra ... "BSSD" can design, develop, build and install bunkers or sanctuaries according to your personal needs - the only limit is your creativity, preferences and budget. If you want to buy a bunker or shelter you are at BSSD Bunker- Schutzraumsysteme-Germany one of the most professional in the world, we work with the best in this field. Buying a bunker is not always the same, you should buy the best to protect your family. In other words, whether you prefer a bespoke bunker or our standard sizes ... The sanctuaries of BSSD Bunker Shelter Systems Germany have been designed and built to protect your family from disasters and hazards in a clean, safe environment. We are not aware of any other provider of bunkers and shelter systems that meets these standards. All our bunkers are primed and sealed inside and outside for all weather conditions to protect the following generations as well. All our bunkers have a main access hatch with a sturdy door lock, an additional emergency exit hatch on request, as well as the required air exchange system to supply a certain number of users with fresh air. Before you buy a bunker, answering the following questions should help you find the right bunker for your family:

What number of people should find shelter in your bunker?
Answering this question will help you choose bunker size, comfort and ease of use options, as well as the food and water supplies you need. In addition, "BSSD Bunker Protection Room Systems" will assist you in selecting the required air exchange system.

What kind of catastrophe or potential distress you most?
We can never say with certainty what dangers we may face ... but we know that certain disasters or threats are more relevant than others due to geographical location, climate and proximity to the population. Understanding your family's potential threats will help you choose different options, determining the depth of burial, and the right supply or filtration system for food, water, and medical care.

Based on your fears of catastrophes / dangers ... How long may or may you need to stay in your underground sanctuary? (Hours) (days) (weeks) (months) or (years)?
Understanding how long you might stay in your bunker shelter will help you make the right choices in terms of care and amenities to ensure your physical and mental health.

Older people, toddlers or people with disabilities?
An important part of your preparation is to meet the needs of infants, people with disabilities or needed medicines. Regardless of bunker size, special berths, furniture, sanitation, ease of entry, and the food needed to meet the needs of all users must be considered.

Location of your bunker?
Each location is unique. Your desired location may require special equipment for safe installation, pre-processing of the soil, or special arrangements based on seasonal or weather-related considerations. Also, you certainly do not want unwanted guests to know about your installation. Confidentiality and confidentiality is therefore of the highest priority.

Desired time frame for payment and delivery / installation?
Depending on bunker size and options, 3-5 weeks of construction time and an additional freight duration are planned. We are at your disposal for the financing of your desired project. The preliminary work, such as excavation and foundations, you can provide in-house performance, if desired. We deliver the bunker, connect it and fill if desired.