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Bunker buy at BSSD – Bunker-Schutzraum-Systeme-Deutschland (“Bunkers-Shelters-Systems-Germany”)

We have tackled the issue of disasters or life-threatening events. Develop an underground shelter that protects you and your family from any danger. We are now producing in our factory near Berlin. Contact and visit our high-tech bunker near Berlin. The time has come to protect themselves and the family, because you have to take your own safety into your own hands. BSSD – the answer when it comes to bunkers and shelter systems with the highest safety technology.

The BSSD bunker is only a component of the overall safety concept and complements other measures such as video surveillance or alarm systems. It is designed to protect the householders when burglars, kidnappers or other intruders want to gain access to the house.

Again and again one hears the assertion, “There is no protection in an atomic war!” That’s not true. This assertion would be correct only if we imagined a war in which a country would be covered with a dense carpet of atomic bombs. In such a case, when the radii of total destruction are overlapping, there would be no longer any protection. However, by such devastation and radioactive contamination, not only a country, but even a whole continent would be made uninhabitable in the long term. But this can not be the goal of an opponent, and therefore this idea is unrealistic.

Against all other forms of war, however, whether it is conducted with ABC or conventional weapons, there are effective preventive and protective measures.

The most effective protection measure, undoubtedly:

  • Home shelter

It will protect against

  • Falling fragments of buildings,
  • Radioactive fallout,
  • Effects of fire,
  • Biological and chemical agents.

To do this, the shelter must be closed with an airtight construction with walls and ceilings made of reinforced concrete not less than 30 cm thick. It is equipped with fireproof, gas-tight doors, as well as a ventilation system that delivers air filtered into the shelter. You can purchase from us the devices necessary for the subsequent retrofitting.

Wolf Bunker & Panic Room “BSSD” builds shelters for individuals and families who hope for the best, preparing for the worst. Wars, riots, earthquakes, outbreaks in the sun, asteroids – our bunkers and shelters are designed and built to withstand any natural disasters. In addition to dangerous natural phenomena, one should not forget about anthropogenic hazards: atomic bombs, accidents at nuclear power plants, explosions with electromagnetic radiation, biological or chemical disasters, terrorism or the spread of anarchy. Because of all these threats, the construction of a bunker or shelter became the responsibility of the responsible fathers of families in Germany. BSSD shelters are designed to protect people in a comfortable and safe environment.

The topic of buying and building bunkers will come to the fore in Germany.

Ihre Sicherheit ist unser Anliegen!

Wir sind das erste Unternehmen am Markt, welches einen umfassenden Personen- sowie Gebäudeschutz auf "militärischem Niveau" anbieten kann: "Panzerstahl". Mit unseren Spezialisten aus den Bereichen Sicherheits- und Gebäudetechnik fangen unsere Lösungen da an wo andere aufhören.


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